Arline Kubat
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About Me:

I have been in the real estate business, full-time since 1978. At first, I worked in new construction sales, then I became a successful listing agent. All the time, I really loved working with buyers the most. During the boom times of the late 1990s and early part of 2000s, I felt that many buyers were being induced to purchase homes they could not afford. I wish it were not so, but my suspicions were correct.

Since the market colapse, I have decided to work with buyers. My hope is to help good people from falling prey to the same traps that led to the market crash. My expertise will help you to get the best price possible, and through closing smoothly.

I am:
  • a happy person
  • blunt with my opinions
  • well-experienced
  • a great teacher
Altoghether you will enjoy the home buying process with me because you will get what you need and what you want!

For those that like to fully research the process, I recommend the following books: