Shebia L Clark
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As the leading agent for Atlanta’s World Class Home team, I find it imperative to set the tone with each of my clients that only exemplifies greatness and top-notch service. When clients learn about my team they instantly feel comfortable with their home buying or selling process.  With many years of experience in Georgia’s real estate home sales, it’s my goal to ensure all buyers or sellers are well informed on one of the most important decisions they may ever make in their lifetime. As your Atlanta Real Estate Agent, my goal is not to just sell you a home but to build a relationship that will last a lifetime. One of Atlanta’s World Class Homes most liked service is our response time to all of our client’s needs with sufficient and accurate detail.  We ensure that all clients are kept abreast of their step by step process while making their dreams come true.

There is no area of Atlanta and its surrounding cities, unfamiliar to me as a seasoned Atlanta and Metro Atlanta Real Estate Agent. Often referred to as the, “knowledge source” for Atlanta and Metro Atlanta Real Estate, it is a must that I am aware of all areas, locations, school districts, communities and subdivisions to better assist my clients.

For a World-Class consultation as a buyer, seller and also renter, contact our office (770) 940-4033 to schedule an appointment so you too can become more informed on how to own some of Atlanta’s best Real Estate.